A love story: 5x5 Fiction – Five 25 Word Stories About Love, Sex and Life

5×5 Fiction – Five 25 Word Stories About Love, Sex and Life

Though they only took me thirty minutes to write I love all four out of five of the little stories I submitted to “5×5 Fiction.” I ran into their site (5x5fiction) during a late night search for journals to submit a short story to, and though it is very independent, with a very small audience, the criteria looked like fun:

“Complete stories… must be exactly 25 words long, told in exactly 5 sentences, with each sentence comprised of exactly 5 words.”

I wrote them quickly enough, submitted them, watched “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths,” then went to sleep.

The result? My second least favorite one got included in the online collection, which made my day. Below are all five:


“A Love Story”
He said “I love you.” Her response was very different. Years later she married another. He also found someone else. For both, life moved on.


“The Eighty Percent”
His second job started soon. His alarm clock was waiting. 6:30 was a minute away. He thought about his children. He got up, quietly weeping.


“Structural Adjustments”
He wanted the gadget badly. It was shinny and expensive. Daddy bought the pretty thing. He was still unhappy though. Somewhere else a child starved.


“Sex is Not Love”
She wanted it to last. Forever would have been nice. She wanted to be loved. To know she wasn’t alone. Eventually he came, then left.


“Bytes and Pieces”
He twittered where he was. He facebooked what he wanted. He linkedin for a job. He made verbs from nouns. Eventually he died, entirely friendless.

*Photo Courtesy Simon Bond

8 Responses to “5×5 Fiction – Five 25 Word Stories About Love, Sex and Life”
  1. Very cool concept and thanks for sharing your stories.

    Out of curiosity, which one was featured?

    I personally appreciated ‘Bytes and Pieces’ and ‘Sex is Not Love’.

    • BTW, I would love to hear what brought you to my site: Twitter, Facebook etc.

      • Found you by perusing the Writing tag. Just happened to stumble across and I’m glad I did. Checked out the 5×5 blog – extremely motivational and I’m excited to participate.

        I’ll be coming back to read some more of your own writing as soon as I get my next dose of caffeine. It’s getting a little late to appreciate good writing.

    • Hi! Thanks for the comments and your appreciation of anything I’ve written. Hopefully the rest of this blog won’t bore you either.

      The Piece featured was “Bytes and Pieces.” I didn’t feel very connected to it, which is why it’s fourth on my list. The others dealt with feeling I had, or had witnessed, in my real life. Especially, “Sex is Not Love.”

      Thanks again for the attention and I hope you come back. : )

  2. Deborah says:

    That seems like a cool exercise that would help in brainstorming for longer projects.

    I can understand why they chose “Bytes and Pieces” (“Sex Is Not Love” would have been a good choice also). You said that you liked the other ones because of the personal connections to them, but I think the last two are written so an outsider can relate to them. The first two are written in a way that you would have to know a back story to fully appreciate them. If you could have stepped outside of yourself and written those, then I think they would have come across better.

    It must have been difficult to write stories with those specific restrictions, but you did a great job with it.

    • Thanks for reading Deb. Your attention is always welcomed :). The editor gave me a similar comment. That they seemed unfinished or “vague.” Oh well… This exercise actually was pretty hard. I found myself deleting a lot of stuff, replacing words etc. Though I like outcome of it all: easily consumable fiction. lol

  3. Jasmine says:

    So freakin’ cool!