Alex Clermont Writes Missing Rib

“Missing Rib,” A Short Story

My short story, “Missing Rib,”  is available online at and Smashwords. It’s a story that I’m really proud of, having worked on it on and off for some time, and pouring a bit of myself into it over that time.

It’s hard to categorize, but it could be called a contemporary romance. However, I think it’s more than that. It’s written with wit and introspection, while dealing with the emotions that come with searching for your other half, especially if your not sure if they exist.

“Missing Rib” is available only as an eBook. Below is the link to purchase it, as well as the publisher description. I hope to hear some good words about it soon; I hope you enjoy the read; I hope you spread the word. Most importantly, I hope the story leaves you feeling better than before : )

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Missing Rib a short love story by Alex Clermont is out now on Amazon's Kindle store!



Andrew McCarthy thought he found his other half. His other half didn’t agree, and since their break up he’s been laying around his apartment reliving the past. That stops the day his best friend Donald brow-beats him into being a groomsman at a wedding.

The day is filled with events, both tragic and funny, which make Andrew think about what it means to have family, to find love and to lose love. He’s forced to confront what it means to find someone who fits him, like a missing rib.”


“What a great story… I was drawn into the unfolding drama from page 1 and before I knew it, it was over. I would love to have spent another few hours in the company of the very charming Andrew, but that was not to be, unfortunately.

I am not sure how the author managed to get me involved with the characters in such a short time, but he did an amazing job of it.

I highly recommend this, it is a great read.”

– Rosemary Montgomery, from Fun With Books

“Author Alex Clermont zips through his story without letting the action sag. At the same time, he manages to balance real-world emotions with the demands of fiction… Clermont presents the story with deft and avoids a melodramatic ending.”

– Ekta R. Garg, from The Write Edge Bookshelf

“I really enjoyed this short story by Alex Clermont, so much so that I didn’t want it to end. Considering its length there is a lot of drama and emotion expressed by the characters from sadness, hurt, guilt, lust and even a little humour.”

-Sharon Taylor, Sharon’s Book Nook

2 Responses to ““Missing Rib,” A Short Story”
  1. Alex, just bought your story on Kindle. Look forward to reading it.

    I JUST (last week) sent in my book on Korea. The blurb is on my blog site,

    I’ll let you know when it comes out.
    Jo Anne Simson

  2. Alex Clermont says:

    Thank for the support Jo Anne. : ) Hope your book turns out exactly how you want it to. Keep me updated!

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