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You, Me and the Rest of Us: #NewYorkStories

You Me and the Rest of Us: #NewYorkStories

ISBN 978-0-9973850-1-4
ISBN 978-0-9973850-0-7


New York City is one of the most famous places in the world, but it’s also home to more than eight million residents. People who are living everyday lives filled with the wonders and fears we all share. You, Me and the Rest of Us: #NewYorkStories is a collection of stories about those people who are all trying to find their place in the world. From the comical to the tragic, these vignettes and short stories will take you on a ride through deeply personal narratives that explore the hidden world of those that call New York City their home.

This book is about us: crowds of strangers who all face the same conflicts and paths, whether we’re walking through our hometown, or the city of dreams.

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“[Alex] Clermont writes as if he has lived the many lives of the characters in ‘You, Me, and the Rest of Us.’ … The range of personalities and relationships offered through these stories gives the reader the sense that New York is truly home to millions and simultaneously, small town, U.S.A. Through their eyes New York becomes at once paradise and hell. Liberating and suffocating. An essential read for anyone looking to encounter the range of experiences happening at any given moment in this tiny, explosive metropolis.”
– Dr. Robin Hancock, travel blogger & educator

“A big problem I find in single-author collections is the lack of diversity or telling the same stories in a different tone. Let me tell you, that is no issue here. This compilation has all sexes, sexualities, religions, races, and Alex Clermont pulls them off wonderfully. They also all have very different story lines! That is no easy feat. I found his stories to be full of life… I’m interested in reading more from him in the future and I’m glad I took a chance on him. If you enjoy short stories and look for diversity in your books, this will be a fantastic read for you!”
Alisha Webster, The Bohemian Housewife

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