Editor Interview — Pat Dobie

Alex Clermont Writes editor interview pat dobie

You need an editor. That’s not a comment on your writing skills, so much as the fact that you’re a human being and imperfect by nature. No matter your level of skill you need an editor because writing is a very solitary exercise. Seeing things only from your perspective leads to obvious mistakes or complications that a second set of eyes will pick up.

A Writing Exercise – “Alone In The Club”

Alex Clermont a writes show dont tell a writing exercise

In an effort to follow my own advice, I’ve been trying to control my tendency to show and not tell when I write my little stories. As with most things it’s easier said than done. It’s easier to say, “John felt miserable,” then show, “John’s eyes began to well up.” I’m tired and I wanna write the […]

Author Interview — David Lawton

Alex Clermont Writes Author Interview David Lawton

Aside from being one of the editors for great weather for MEDIA, David Lawton’s a published poet who’s work you can catch, and yes, purchase anywhere fine words are sold. He took a quick break from his hectic schedule to chat a little with me about what makes for great poetry and what you need to do to be as cool as he is.

3 Things To Look For When Self-Editing: Part 1

Alex Clermont Writes 3 things to help you self edit

I’m not that great at self-editing; I’m no good at copy editing my own writing; although I freelance as a proof reader, when I look at my own writing, spelling and grammar mistakes pass me like water through a sieve. These skills are really important, so if you have the same issues you can either […]