A Writing Prompt – “Minor Adventure”

Alex Clermont Writes writing prompt minor adventure

This is what the writing prompt from Writer’s Digest said: “Your family has always been a little off when it comes to holiday traditions. You eat tacos on the Fourth of July and hamburgers on Cinco de Mayo. How did this whacky tradition get started?”

3 Tips for getting published

Alex Clermont Writes 3 tips to getting your short fiction published heading

Being a good writer will usually you get you published—unless you’re J.K. Rowling, who was turned down by 12 publishers before being picked up only because one publisher’s 8-year-old child liked her book. But that’s neither here nor there. Not writing crap will get you a long way.

Open Roads

S. Carolina P.O.V. Open Roads - road triping from new york to parts south carolina and parts unknown

Maybe I should’ve gotten that Redbull. I debated the moot point for a moment. What I correctly guessed as the last twenty-four hour convenience store on my trip down the I-95 was thirty minutes behind me. I had missed my opportunity to get a caffeine pick-me-up, but my mind continued to wrestle with the past. I slipped deeper into drowsiness.

The Genesis

The Genesis - In The Beginning

My writing career began with a smile and a lot of tears when Mr. Yeni collected a journal assignment meant to improve the class’ writing. We were to write about the exciting events taking place in our nine-year old lives for that week – a minimum of four pages worth of kiddie insights. My journal […]