Twitter philosophy

Three little, twitter, birds

This is a collection of some of my twits (yeah, that’s what I call them) and Facebook statuses over the last few I-don’t-know-how-long. They’re short little bits of what I thought were insightful, and pretty sounding phrases placed in a non-chronological order. Follow me at @alexclermont because I’m cool, just like you.


If it wasn’t for your delicious Kimchi and easily accessible 노래방s, I’d hate you Korea.

Student Q and A

Student after student during my speaking test

Some time ago I had to give my students a speaking test. It consisted of me asking them a series of questions to test there fluency in English. These are some of the questions – and some of the more interesting answers I received:
QUESTION: Who is your favorite music artist? Why do you like them?

Answer: I like Lonely Island because they have very sexual content songs like “dick in a box,” “Jizz my pants” and whatever.

Nudist dating

Chating it up

She: Would u really walk around naked in the summer?

Me: lol. Hell no. I don’t like jail.

She: Oh… I forgot that was a crime…LOL

Me: it certainly is. Korean society is not advanced enough to appreciate the beauty of the human body in it’s natural state. lol. plus no one wants to see a naked ajoshi. Certainly not me.