Korean P.O.V. – There Is Love (Park Min Soo)

There Is Love There Is Wonder: Korean POV - There is Love (Park Min Soo)

During my first year, while at my first job here in Korea, my first students of the day noticed a second-hand Korean language book on my desk. They looked through it without my permission while I was on my designated five minute break – relieving myself, and cursing at bill collectors in the bathroom.

Korean P.O.V. – Male Bonding

Beautiful Things, Wonderful People, Hard Drinks: Korean P.O.V. – Male Bonding

I wasn’t sure what I was seeing at the time, but after my first few months in South Korea a reality about life here made itself clear: Koreans like to drink. Even more, many like to get drunk. Like any and all observations based solely on one’s own experience, it’s biased, and I accept the fact that I may be totally wrong in this generalization. But I don’t think so.

Korean P.O.V. – Mothers and Daughters

Kids are Cute: Korean POV - Mothers and Daughters

When I first came to Korea there were a few things I noticed. Firstly, I’m strange and deserve to be gawked at. Secondly, Korean women dress half naked, at least their bottom half. Anything short of showing pubic hair is socially acceptable. Third, Korean kids are damn cute.

Korean P.O.V. – My Home Until I’m Home

Between The Gutter And The Stars

My summer vacation was fun enough. I went to a beach; I drank apple martinis; I spent time writing; I slept late; I got really physical with a Korean woman in a damn sauna of a place called Club Maktum down in Busan on a night where I was a good wing man to a sexually frustrated friend, but slept alone. It was fun enough, but it wasn’t what I planned.