I Did a Reading : ) – “Letter to a Stranger”

I read recently at a short prose poem at Tsion Cafe in Harlem. People seemed to really like what I read—even got a firm handshake from another writer, and that’s always nice.

A Writing Exercise – “Alone In The Club”

Alex Clermont a writes show dont tell a writing exercise

In an effort to follow my own advice, I’ve been trying to control my tendency to show and not tell when I write my little stories. As with most things it’s easier said than done. It’s easier to say, “John felt miserable,” then show, “John’s eyes began to well up.” I’m tired and I wanna write the […]

A Writing Prompt – “Minor Adventure”

Alex Clermont Writes writing prompt minor adventure

This is what the writing prompt from Writer’s Digest said: “Your family has always been a little off when it comes to holiday traditions. You eat tacos on the Fourth of July and hamburgers on Cinco de Mayo. How did this whacky tradition get started?”

Dark Places – A short story about a bad neighborhood

The World is Full of Dangerous Places: Dark Places - A short story about a bad neighborhood

It was robbing season where I worked. Although I didn’t know why, it seemed to me an observable fact that the warmth of summer somehow thawed the laziness in low-level criminals. Cops patrolled more often, ramdom beatings became more frequent, and stick-up men looked for anything that shined with a focus that would be inspiring if it was directed at a book.