Author Interview — David Lawton

Alex Clermont Writes Author Interview David Lawton

Aside from being one of the editors for great weather for MEDIA, David Lawton’s a published poet who’s work you can catch, and yes, purchase anywhere fine words are sold. He took a quick break from his hectic schedule to chat a little with me about what makes for great poetry and what you need to do to be as cool as he is.

3 Things To Look For When Self-Editing: Part 1

Alex Clermont Writes 3 things to help you self edit

I’m not that great at self-editing; I’m no good at copy editing my own writing; although I freelance as a proof reader, when I look at my own writing, spelling and grammar mistakes pass me like water through a sieve. These skills are really important, so if you have the same issues you can either […]

Author Interview — Raquel Penzo

Alex Clermont Writes author interview raquel penzo

Raquel Penzo has a way with words and a pretty smile that’s very photogenic. Everything else you need to know about her is on her site, Raquel The Brooklyn native is an author and editor who’s worked on a number of platforms from magazines to trade papers. You can catch her self-published book, “My […]

A Writing Prompt – “Minor Adventure”

Alex Clermont Writes writing prompt minor adventure

This is what the writing prompt from Writer’s Digest said: “Your family has always been a little off when it comes to holiday traditions. You eat tacos on the Fourth of July and hamburgers on Cinco de Mayo. How did this whacky tradition get started?”