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Alex Clermont is available for book signings & book readings and can be contacted personally or through his publisher, See The Sun Books. Email the author at View the Media Kit for Book Cover Art, Author Photo and other press related information.

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Robin Dermit @ See The Sun Books
475 Brook ave. Suite 2A
New York, NY 10455

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You, Me and the Rest of Us: #NewYorkStories

Missing Rib

Eating Kimchi and Nodding Politely

2 Responses to “Contact”
  1. LB says:

    Hi Alex–You listed the Roll the Dice production company on your site. I’m in the market for film production assistance. I’ve contacted them a few times but the info about how to move ahead is VERY dicey. So…I wanted to know if you know them personally/professionally from your time in Seoul and if so could you give me a little more info about them? Thx!! LB

    • Alex Clermont says:

      Hey LB! So, Roll The Dice productions is run by my close friend while in Seoul, Raoul Dyssell. His production company did the trailer to my book, “Eating Kimchi and Nodding Politely.” They’re great folks over there, but there’s not much I can tell you that isn’t on their site. If you’d like to deal with them concerning some business I would have no way of pushing along your efforts. It’s up to them to contact who they contact. Although I’M easy to reach, other people have different situations that I can’t comment on. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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