Something Missing – Experimental Fiction About Losing Someone

Lonely on a train

Took the subway this Thursday instead of driving. Wanted to avoid the traffic and nasty weather outside (the day’s snowstorm would’ve blinded me on the road). Got there, and I saw this obnoxiously loud group on my uptown ride on the E train. They got on at Continental Avenue, and were talking in that language/code that I could never decipher.

Korean P.O.V. – Venus


A few weeks after arriving in Korea I met someone. We fucked the first night we met, and it was pretty good.

Neither of us were looking for anything serious. What it boiled down to was that everyone has needs, and it’s hard to get those needs met in a foreign country where men strive to look like boy-band members and women want to get married before they’re twenty-four.

5×5 Fiction – Five 25 Word Stories About Love, Sex and Life

A love story: 5x5 Fiction – Five 25 Word Stories About Love, Sex and Life

“Sex is Not Love”
She wanted it to last. Forever would have been nice. She wanted to be loved. To know she wasn’t alone. Eventually he came, then left.

Catching Butterflies

Catching Butterflies

I knew it was the wrong decision when I saw the butterfly.

It was dirt brown and amber, and fluttered an inch away from my face. If I had grabbed the thing I imagine it would have fit neatly in my palm. Instead I simply let it fly past, passively observing it as it flew from my left to my right, then into the bushes where it disappeared.