“Missing Rib”

Alex Clermont Writes Missing Rib

Andrew McCarthy thought he found his other half. His other half didn’t agree, and since their break up he’s been moping around his apartment reliving the past. That stops the day his best friend Donald brow-beats him into being a groomsman at a wedding.

The day is filled with events, both tragic and funny, which make Andrew think about what it means to have family; to find love and to lose love. He’s forced to confront what it means to find someone who fits him, like a missing rib.

13 – Experimental Creative Writing About Finding My Other Half

Me at 13

At thirteen years old I had my first date…

I can’t tell you the exact age when the mechanical genius of the penis and vagina clicked in my mind, but I would guess it to be around nine. By nine I had an eye for the penthouse my cousin kept under his mattress; I was fast forwarding R rated movies to the sex scenes; I leered at all women, homely and beautiful, and imagined them naked and lying on top of me. A Playboy got me a call to my parents in the fourth grade.