“Missing Rib”

Alex Clermont Writes Missing Rib

Andrew McCarthy thought he found his other half. His other half didn’t agree, and since their break up he’s been moping around his apartment reliving the past. That stops the day his best friend Donald brow-beats him into being a groomsman at a wedding.

The day is filled with events, both tragic and funny, which make Andrew think about what it means to have family; to find love and to lose love. He’s forced to confront what it means to find someone who fits him, like a missing rib.

Korean P.O.V. – Smiles and dating in Korea (vol. 2)

Squid as a Metaphor

It was a totally new building with glass walls and a wonderful view of the woodsy campus behind the main school building. I sat inside this new cafeteria with six other teachers who, because of the new lunch schedule that accompanied the new building, weren’t used to eating with me – the foreigner. I ate kimchi and occasionally sniffed the queer smelling chemical scents given off by the building materials.