I Did a Reading : ) – “Letter to a Stranger”

I read recently at a short prose poem at Tsion Cafe in Harlem. People seemed to really like what I read—even got a firm handshake from another writer, and that’s always nice.

Superheroes – A Short Piece About The Possibilities Of Life

We Are All Superheros

Sometimes I look at the melanin in my skin in awe. A product of evolution it absorbs the light of our life-giving sun, rejects what might kill me, and turns the rest into vitamin D and heat. It keeps skin cancer at bay. It’ll keep me looking younger, longer. I like to wonder about what else could it do if I knew how to treat my body better? What else could it do if I knew how treat myself better?

Something Missing – Experimental Fiction About Losing Someone

Lonely on a train

Took the subway this Thursday instead of driving. Wanted to avoid the traffic and nasty weather outside (the day’s snowstorm would’ve blinded me on the road). Got there, and I saw this obnoxiously loud group on my uptown ride on the E train. They got on at Continental Avenue, and were talking in that language/code that I could never decipher.

To A Stranger – Experimental Fiction About My First TIme

Letter To A Stranger

Dear Person I Don’t Know,

As a kid I tried my best to stay away from mirrors.

My reflection stared back at me one day, and I realized that I was not very attractive: pimples, an overbite, twenty extra pounds. Made uncomfortable in my own skin, I smile when I remember my first attempt at love with a skinny brown girl I cared for, but didn’t know very well.