Missing Rib could be categorized as a contemporary romance. However, I think it’s definitely more about love—finding it and losing it—among friends and family, as well as the person you might spend your life with. Like with most good stories this is a deeply personal one that came from my own search for my other half, a search we all share and feel the pain from when we're not sure they even exist.


What a great story . . . I was drawn into the unfolding drama from page 1 and before I knew it, it was over. I would love to have spent another few hours in the company of the very charming Andrew, but that was not to be, unfortunately. I am not sure how the author managed to get me involved with the characters in such a short time, but he did an amazing job of it.
— Rosemary Montgomery, from Fun With Books
I really enjoyed this . . . so much so that I didn’t want it to end. Considering its length there is a lot of drama and emotion expressed by the characters from sadness, hurt, guilt, lust and even a little humour
— Sharon Taylor, Sharon’s Book Nook
Author Alex Clermont zips through his story without letting the action sag. At the same time, he manages to balance real-world emotions with the demands of fiction . . . Clermont presents the story with deft and avoids a melodramatic ending.
— Ekta R. Garg, from The Write Edge Bookshelf