Serves to illustrate one of Mr. Clermont’s most simplistically perfect lessons—“life is easily translatable” . . . That these lessons could take place anywhere is what makes for profound writing.
— Jenah, from The Indie Book Blog
Some of the [stories] are sad, some are funny, and some just make you laugh out loud.
— N. M. Bronson,
An excellent read, both for its insights into life in Korea and how it shines a light on the human condition in general.
— Big Al’s Books and Pals


This collection took me two years to write. It's rather short, but it took two years of living to fill up these pages. I wrote this collection with a selective eye for experiences that could translate well in any country. Themes like love, life, death and discovery flow in and out of all of our lives. And so I hope you read these narratives and get from them not just a smile or a few chuckles, but also a sense of intimacy with the things that I saw and felt while living outside of my comfort zone.