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There Is Love (Park Min Soo) | Eating Kimchi and Nodding Politely

During my first year, while at my first job here in Korea, my first students of the day noticed a second-hand Korean language book on my desk. They looked through it without my permission while I was on my designated five minute break - relieving myself, and cursing at bill collectors in the bathroom.

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Male Bonding | Eating Kimchi and Nodding Politely

I wasn't sure what I was seeing at the time, but after my first few months in South Korea a reality about life here made itself clear: Koreans like to drink. Even more, many like to get drunk. Like any and all observations based solely on one's own experience, it's biased, and I accept the fact that I may be totally wrong in this generalization. But I don't think so.

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My Home Until I'm Home | Eating Kimchi and Nodding Politely

My summer vacation was fun enough. I went to a beach; I drank apple martinis; I spent time writing; I slept late; I got really physical with a Korean woman in a damn sauna of a place called Club Maktum down in Busan on a night where I was a good wing man to a sexually frustrated friend, but slept alone. It was fun enough, but it wasn’t what I planned.

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